PEST analysis report for two leisure firms:

I was asked to prepare a PEST sociological and analysis report for two companies of my I decided to choose firms from the leisure industry and then compare I analysed the business environment and ethical factors that affect the leisure industries as a In my report I will distinguish between the impacts on the different sociological and technological factors and will then draw conclusions based on my analytical To prepare a PEST analysis report on my chosen I had to research and analyse the leisure industry market as a PEST Analysis of the Leisure Industry in the Before starting to analyse the PEST factors that affect the leisure industry as a whole I would like to give a definition and explain the PEST The below statement defines the external and technological factors that affect the environment of a market or The PEST factors which impact on the leisure industry in UK are as The government has tight regulations for selling alcoholic drinks in the leisure A new government could bring many changes in regulations for the leisure industry and apply for new regulation for all the closing times is different for a variety of firms that operate in the leisure

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