Philippines: The National Achievement Test

To assess and monitor the quality of basic education in the achievement tests were administered to public schools both elementary and These achievement tests include National Achievement Test Regional Achievement Test and Division Achievement Test Of these three achievements the NAT is the main criterion of the school the RAT and DAT served as preparatory assessment procedures to be able the school to determine its readiness for the The National Achievement Test is a standardized test designed to determine achievement strengths and weaknesses in five key curricular subject areas at the end of the school The NAT was developed to measure what in grade grade six and fourth Year know and can do in five subject and HeKaSi Kasaysayan at in elementary and Araling Panlipunan in secondary the test aims provide empirical information on the achievement level of to serve as guide for policy curriculum planners principals and teachers in their respective courses of action identify and analyze variations on achievement levels across the years by school and other variables and determine the rate of improvement in basic education with respect to individual schools within certain time Target clienteles of this achievement test are Grade 3 students of public Grade

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