Philosophy and Language of money

Philosophy and Language of moneyProject description FORM INSTRUCTIONS.The paper I need is for my Final Degree in Sociology. The style should be that of a philosophical or sociological essay. More or less like a sociological theory review of what the authors say. The length should be around 20 pages long. Works cited Hardvard style Intertextual quotes with references The structure of the paper should go as follows:Introduction ( Importance and relevance of the topic, why is still important today and things like that) A hypothesis or some goals can be stated before the main body (OPTIONAL) although I dont know how well that can combines with an essay. Main Body (Developing and gathering the thought of the 3 authors about the topic) [ Could be split into 2 or 3 chapters if you find it applicable] Conclussion.CONTENT INSTRUCTIONS.The essay topic is about the language and philosophy of money (TITLE) and should be based on 3 main texts. 1. Philosophy of Money by Georg Simmel. (Chapters 2 and 5) 2. Giving time : I Counterfeit Money by Jaques Derrida 3. Living Currency by Pierre KlossowskiSince the topic is about money, some basic economy theory can be used for comparison Other possible references and quotes from Marx?s Capital or other sociologist would be highly appreciated. The professor who will be evaluating the work has a postmodern, deconstructivism ideology so even though the essay could use some criticism, the closest we stay to his point of view the best.OTHER DETAILS: Once the paper is done, i will be translating it into spanish so when quoting and citing please specify the sources, edition etc? so I can track the spanish edition equivalent. In case we?d need to contact my skype account is: diego.oliver.vigueras:

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