Phonetics and Phonology

Phonetics and PhonologyListen to the recording of the Yemeni speaker and a select a single area of pronunciation in which the speaker differs from the native speaker which could impede intelligibility. An area maybe as restricted as a single phoneme or a specified group of phonemes or as general as a whole category of sounds for example fricatives o a general tendency to reduce consonant clusters, NOT intonation!?Justify your choice with support from the pronunciation literature including reference to the phonology of the L1 (Arabic). Give examples in transcription- phonemic/phonetic stress marking or intonation marking as appropriate and a native speaker explaining the nature of the difference between the Yemeni leraner and a native speaker, taking care to explore the learner?s pronunciation featuresin a variety of phonemic or phonetic contexts.EG if the speaker has difficulties with consonant clusters is this the case for all clusters, or only specific clusters when followed or preceded by certain sounds. GIVE transcribed examples. List your transcription coonventions for the sounds of English clearly either at the start of the essay or in an appendix by giving a list of phonemes and or tones with keywords and examples, as in Roach(2000,2009). Suggest in brief a developing sequence of teaching activities to help the Yemeni learner by developing a sequence of proposed activities that might begin to sensitise the learner to the importance of the pronunciation area being tackled, then go on to the precise nature of the pronunciation area being tackled and finally offer some carefully controlled practice.Justify your choice of activities with reference to literature and pronunciation teaching and learning.:

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