Physical Education Time Line and Ojectives

History of Physical Education Event Event Event 1st Overview of Physical Quick Over View of Physical Education 1st First Physical Education Johann Friedrich Simon was the First Modern Physical Education he was a part of the curriculum at Johann Philanthropinum in The Philanthropinum was an experimental school with a portion of its curriculum devoted to physical including horseback and ball 1st Begining development of physical Friedrich Jahn was known as the father of gymnastics and began working outdoors with his students playing games as well as taking them on long He was motivated to develop the system of physical training because of involvement in the Napoleonic He was developing this system in hopes of creating a strong and fearless youth who could help to defend Germany if something like that were to ever happen 1st Bill of First mandatory Physical In 1814 Denmark passed a bill that established the first mandatory physical They became the first European state to introduce physical training into its schools as a part of the They used gymnastics to instruct their teachers in teaching physical 1st Catherine Beecher founds Hartford Seminary For This is a famous quote by Catherine physical education takes the proper place

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