Pick an earthquake or volcanic eruption that had a significant impact

I want one paper that answers all the following questions:Pick an earthquake or volcanic eruption that had a significant impact (fatalities, damage to infrastructure, etc.). Research your event to answer the following questions (must be typed, use complete sentences). At least 1 reference used should be a journal publication. For websites: be very careful about who/what you believe. Don?t use Wikipedia, blogs, etc.; you can get very good information from USGS and Smithsonian online resources.1.Where and when did your disaster take place? Was it an earthquake or eruption? (1 pt)2.What kind of volcano or fault did your disaster take place at? (1 pt)3.How does your event relate to plate tectonics and global earth processes? (Was it related to subduction? Rifting? Etc.) (1 pt)4.What hazardous events occurred as part of your event? (1 pt)5.How big was your eruption/quake? (Be sure to state the scale you are measuring on.) (1 pt)6.How many people died and/or how much damage occurred? Why? (1 pt)7.What could have been done to mitigate the disaster? (Be reasonable for the time period. The people of Pompeii could not have used cell phone warning notifications in 79 AD when Vesuvius erupted.) (1 pt)8.Is this area still at risk today? Why or why not? (1 pt)9.What resources did you use to answer these questions? (cite your references, 2 points):

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