Pin Jointed Frames

Pin Jointed FramesAbbreviated Report to be completed during the Lab sessionObjects: To measure the forces acting in two of the members of a model pin-jointed framework due to applied loads. To compare the experimental values with those found graphically and analytically for the same loads and thus verify the graphical and analytical techniques.Apparatus: A model frame, a pair of mass hangers and suitable masses to load the beams. Note that if imperial masses are used, the conversion factor is 22 lb = 10 kg.Procedure:1. Calibrate the dial gauges P and Q by suspending the framework so that the member incorporating the gauge hangs vertically when loaded. Note the gauge readings for masses of 10, 20, 30, and 40 kg, and calculate a calibration constant in terms of N/div for each gauge.2. Hang the framework so that the frame supports are vertical and so that the mass hangers will just clear the floor when loaded.3. Zero the dial gauges P and Q and apply the test loads for each case shown in the test setups. Note the dial gauge readings (and direction of rotation) for each test, and check that the gauges return to zero after each test.Results:Submit a short report, detailing the experimental results and the associated graphical and analytical comparisons. Show complete vector diagrams for each test and all calculations for test 1. Ensure that all values are stated in the correct units.Note that members ?a? and ?b? are of equal lengthTest Setups:Test 1Test 2Test 3Results FormatTest No Experimental ForcesP Q Graphical ResultsP Q Analytical ResultsP Q1132 155266 1553283 260Comments & Conclusions:In this section comment on the outcome of the experimentYou must answer the following leading question when making your comments;Describe in words and with a drawing how you think the framework will deform (ie its mode of failure) for the following situations;i) Test 1 if member P failsii) Test 1 if member Q failsiii) Test 3 if member P failsiv) Test 3 if member Q failsState your conclusions about the outcome of this experiment.

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