Pluralism and Policy Making in New Zealand

The political theory of pluralism maintains that political power is not held exclusively by the but by a number of diverse Interest pressure trade and informal groups of citizens are all examples of the types of coalitions which pluralists believe influence the political New Zealand is a pluralist Our people are diverse and since the introduction of a MMP electoral system there is greater opportunity for groups to be involved in Pressure groups are particularly active in the New Zealand political system which is illustrated in this paper by studying their involvement in the development of the Emissions Trading A pluralist democracy places additional demands on policy makers who have many interests to As New Zealand becomes increasingly diverse public policy in areas such as education will need to be careful to consider many points of this paper will discuss the criticisms of pluralism and a new theory neopluralism which emerged as a reaction to those Pluralism is both a political theory and a way of describing how power could be structured in a democratic The pluralist perspective is that society is made up of a diverse group of people with different and that while decisions are made in a

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