Poetry Unit 2000 LIMERICK There once was a

Poetry Unit 2000 LIMERICK There once was a kid named Darren, Who’s room was surprisingly barren, He had no toys, Like all normal boys, But he did believe in sharing. There once was an old man named Esser, Whose knowledge grew lesser and lesser, It at last grew so small He knew nothing at all, And now he’s a college professor. HAIKU Morning light appears The new day has awoken Nature stirs and sighs Spirits haunt my dreams Skeletons muffle my screams Night as black as death EPIGRAM The days become months and those become years, Only memories remain of both joy and tears. The screams the cries and the pain, All of this goes on in ones brain. PARODY Galway Bay Maybe some day I’ll go back again to Ireland If my dear old wife would only pass away She nearly has my heart broke with all her naggin She’s got a mouth as big as Galway Bay See her drinking sixteen pints of pabst blue ribbon And then she can walk home without a sway If the sea were beer instead of salty water She’d live and die in Galway Bay See her drinking sixteen pints at Padgo Murphey’s The barman says I think it’s time to go Well she doesn’t try to speak to him in Gaelic In a language that the clergy do not know On her back she has tattooed a map of Ireland And when she takes her bath on Saturday She rubs the sunlight soap around by Claddagh Just watch the suds flow down by Galway Bay. IMITATION Happy and Gay May one day Ill go back again to my homeland, If only faster time will pass away, Its been many years and now its dragging, Thats the only time Ill be happy and gay. See myself drinking six doses of bourbon And then I linger about and sway If instead I could have plain water Thats when Ill be happy and gay. See myself drinking doses after doses The doctor says to take it slow Well I…

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