Police Brutality and Excessive Use of Force

of the Philippines University of northern Philippines vigan city Research paper Police Brutality Introduction Police brutality is the wanton use of excessive usually but potentially in the form of verbal attacks and psychological by a police Widespread police brutality exists in many even those that prosecute It is one of several forms of police which false racial political surveillance sexual and police as it may involve physical force but never reaching death under police Although it can be done under the color of Body Police officers are legally permitted to use and their superiors and the public expect them to do According to Jerome Herbert in dealing largely with disorderly elements of the some people working in law enforcement may gradually develop an attitude or sense of authority over particularly under traditional policing in some cases the police believe that they are above the There are many reasons as to why police office are excessively aggressive to It is thought that some personality traits make some officers more susceptible to the use of excessive force than In one study police psychologists were surveyed on officers who had used excessive The information obtained allowed the researchers to develop five unique types

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