Policy and Performance of Indian Education

POLICY AND PERFORMANCE of INDIAN EDUCATION Abstract The Indian Education Industry Lives In terms of demographic India remains one of the youngest nations in the world with of its population in the year age This translates into the Indian Education system being one of the largest educational systems globally with a network of more than mn schools and around Higher education being one of the important determinants of human welfare of any the GoI has accorded priority for the promotion of education especially primary secondary education in the spend on education as a percentage of GDP stood at while accounting for as a proportion of all public the GoI is faced with several hurdles in terms of penetration across all education segments Higher education etc as well as reaching out to the students in cities and rural The GoI has therefore emphasised on Public Private Partnership in education so as to augment the literacy rate from as per the Census The educational segments Information Technology in schools and Higher education form the important constituents of the Indian Of the the school market in India still remains largely unorganised and the ease of of as well as the growing acceptability of

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