Political map Where were you on the political map? (ie. Libertar Essay Help

Where were you on the political map? (ie. Libertarian Liberal Centrist Conservative or Statist ? make sure to include your personal and economic issue scores) On the political map was favoring the left liberal section. My personal issue score is at 70% and economic is at 30%. Do you believe that your Personal or Economic issues had a greater influence on your final result? Why? Yes I do because after I took the test I notice the personal score was higher. My personal issues are greater because I believe with my whole heart that what the peoplePolitical map do in their daily lives are their business and not they government. After reading the description of the political group you most identified with provide some feedback on your results? Do you agree or disagree and why? I Agree on my results. I agree because I believe that we as citizens have freedom to our personal choices in life but I also believe that we have to follow the government and follow word for word. As the government they should tolerate the diverse lifestyles of their citizens because everybody can?t act the same. I believe that the government should regulate the money to the disadvantage and have strict rules regarding money for the big businesses. Where do you think President Obama would score? To support your answer please choose an issue and describe the stance of President Obama in regards to it. To be honest I really don?t know where Obama would stand because I know nothing about him.”

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