political theory

Project descriptionApply one political theory and one social theory we have discussed in this class to a practical workplace situation. Be sure to explain the theories, apply thetheories, and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of applying these theories.A practical workplace situation can be any scenario in which someone in a position of authority or leadership has to manage others and make decisions such as how torelate to them, how to ensure their productivity, and how to reward or compensate them. Alternatively, you could write about an employee?s decisions on how to relateto a manager or supervisor, or how to relate to fellow employees. Draw from your own experiences at work.For this essay, you will continue to follow the six-paragraph argumentative essay in the following ways:Your introduction (first paragraph) should begin with an explanation of your theories and end with a thesis statement mentioning three ways that both theories apply tothe practical situation. Or your thesis statement could mention three ways that one of the theories applies to the situation better than the other.In the next three paragraphs, elaborate on the three ways that the theories apply to the practical situation, demonstrating the strengths of applying these theories tothe situation. Or elaborate on the three ways that one of the theories is more applicable to the situation than the other.In the fifth paragraph, refute counter-arguments by acknowledging some of the weaknesses of applying the theories to the practical situation, but argue that thestrengths of applying these theories outweigh the weaknesses. Alternatively, you can refute the counter-arguments by acknowledging some of the weaknesses of applyingthe better theory; but then argue that this theory still applies to the situation better than the less favored theory.In the sixth and last paragraph, restate your thesis and provide an overarching insight into the theories? relevance for current practical situations.!

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