Pompeii and Herculaneum – Changing Methods

There are various impacts of the changing methods of 19th and 20th archaeologists in Pompeii and Changes by archaeologists like Spinazzoa and Maiuri have impacted and contributed to the discovery and knowledge of the past and attracted many scientists and even tourists from around the Giuiseppe Fiorelli was an archaeologist who is known for the methods he used in the excavation at The top down excavation was one method of Before most buildings were excavated from the often resulting in the destruction of walls and other valuable Fiorelli then introduced the top down excavation which worked from the top to the It still caused some damages but it was still made to identify and Another method of was subdividing Pompeii into name regions and numbered street blocks Buildings were identified by three numbers block and This system made a huge impact on the excavation of Pompeii as it made it easier for archaeologist to accurately record where objects were found and examine the exact location of a particular Vittorio Spinazzola was another archaeologist with a different method of Spinazzola reconstructed facades and reconstructed upper storeys of buildings and recorded the phases of excavation with He was known for using evidence

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