Popular music and its British identity in interwar period (1918-1939)

Popular music and its British identity in interwar period (1918-1939)examining the link between popular music and national identity. to see how national and uniquely British popular music was. look at big band music, dance bands, popular dance styles of the time such as The Lambeth Walk look at the views of ordinary people through oral history; interviews, diaries, questionnaireslook at what newspapers of the time talk about, look at The Daily Mail, The Times and interwar newspapers like The Dancing Times, Journal of The Gramophone World, Radio Magazinethis is a postgraduate level essay. first class standard level would be great. use 10 primary sources and 6 secondary sources. the work needs to be original. you cannot copy from other historians. hope the topic does not sound too vague. critically analyse the primary sources in order to discover if popular music of the time in Britain was quite British or not. look at British jazz and how much that has been influenced by American music. the possible Americanization of british music? what about the American musicians who came over to the UK to perform and vice versa. look at significance of bandleaders like Jack Hylton. maybe you could find some autobiographies. give a definition of popular music and national identity to start off the essay. talk about the music hall industry and how this affects the national identity of British popular music was it just a business enterprise? what about the music halls and people?s experiences there? was popular music in Britain different in different regions of England and Britain?? did people listen to certain types of music depending on their gender or class and region? how important was the BBC in popular British music? the BBC radio stations? assess the impact of the radio and the role of gramophones in people?s lives? how did popular music in Britain change during the 1920?s and 1930?s? maybe you can find good archival material for newspapers and BBC materials and people?s personal views.:

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