Porter’s 5 Force Analysis Casino Industry

Porters Five Force Casinos The purpose of this analysis is to determine the attractiveness of the Casino industry by investigating five specific forces that have the potential to drive down The Casino industry is composed of firms operating primarily in providing gambling activities and games to consumers while also supplying hotel services and other Firms that exclusively operate non gambling resorts were not directly included in this profitability and market attractiveness According to the Five Forces model exhibit the Casino Industry is a rather unattractive Although only of and were identified as unfavorable categories out of the the influence of each category on profits is so significant that the industry should be considered Rivalry between casinos is very where even casinos such as the Venetian will compete not just with other major casinos such as the but also with localized indian casinos that have a wider geographic Buyers have little bargaining but they command significant power due to their nonexistent switching The threat of substitutes is high not just in game but also in casino The only threat of entrants would be from resort companies that operate exclusively hotel chains and not gambling but they would not enter as to

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