Positive and Negative Letter

Project instructions: Assignment Title: Letters (Positive and Negative) Gradebook Column Title: Letters 1-2 Total Assignment Points: 100Writing Prompt: Compose two letters (1st Positive/2nd Negative) for an internal communication regarding promotions within the company (you should use a previously created/assigned corporate entity) that are no more than 2 short paragraphs in length. The first should address an individual who has been promoted to a supervisory position (roughneck to driller, shop worker to foreman, sales rep. to manager, etc.) in the company. Give reasons for the promotion, as well as congratulations without too much hyperbole and celebration.The second letter should be to another employee who applied for the same position but was not promoted. While listing reasons for the rejected application, avoid personal comparisons to the selected individual (don?t even mention the person who was promoted) and provide constructive rather than negative criticism of the rejected individual?s application and requirements with regards to personal opportunities for advancement. Both should be brief and concise.Assignment Resources: Titles and Headings Letters Visual Rhetoric Document Architecture Text and Typography Document DesignPLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT :

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