Post-Industrial or Network Society

Post-Industrial or Network SocietyAccording to both Manuel Castells The Rise of Network Society (Wiley-Blackwell, 2010) and Loci Waquant Urban Outcasts (PolityPress, 2008)Contemporary society needs to be understood as a Post-Industrial or Network Society. FIRST, spell out Castells? analysis of contemporary society. In doing this should focus on the inequalities generated by this society within its networks, the space of flows.SECOND, discuss the inequalities generated outside or on the borders of the space of flows. Here you should make use of Waquant?s analysis of the underclass in America?s inner cities or what he refers to as the Dark Ghetto.THREE ? How would you evaluate these analyses?For Castells refer to the following passages in The Rise of Network Society (Wiley-Blackwell, 2010) for important. information: chpt -Prologue pgs 16-17; chpt The Information Technology Paradigm, pgs 69-72; chpt -Global financial markets pgs 104-105; chpt ? The New Economy, pgs 150-151 and chpt ? The Social theory of space and the theory of the space of flows, pgs 440-445.For Wacquant, ref to the following passages for important information. Chpt 2 The state and fate of the Dark Ghetto at Century?s close ? pgs4 46-47; From the communal ghetto? of the 1950s to the ?hyperghetto? of the 1990s, pgs 52-55; chpt Economic and political roots of hyperghettoization, pgs 69-77; and finally 79-81. Please be sure to reference and quote.:

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