Poverty and Sub-Standard Education in America

Poverty and Education in America Culture within a society indicates a way of life including widespread and These values dictate what is socially acceptable and exploit a preference in perspective that begins to formulate an informal method of guiding Social interaction within each culture is directly related to the norms established within that Individuals who do not partake in these social interactions are considered This type of judgment in behavior is responsible for nothing more than social Individuals feel pressured to stay not wanting to be labeled and treated as an As behavior is altered by social it exemplifies how an life can be shaped by Understanding this link is the first step in realizing that personal problems are undoubtedly influenced by As an individualistic most Americans feel that their personal problems are a result of personal This allows society to blame the victim for their own circumstances without looking at external factors that cause the same issues for millions of other A social problem is a condition that undermines the of some or all members of a society and is usually a matter of public While one group may feel disadvantaged by a social there is often another group

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