Preaching Prayer The topic of prayer in schools

Preaching Prayer The topic of prayer in schools is a contradicting subject. Many people argue their opinions about it: either for prayer or against it. The people making the decisions should consider all of the pros and cons for each side. The action of prayer in schools should be motivated to result in a better outcome for everyone. The people for it insist that prayer should be included in school activity because it is a part of life that surrounds everyone, the majority of the students support it, and it is already taught in school literature. The people against it claim that it is not appropriate for people to worship their god when not all people believe in the same one. Prayer is an everyday thing that surrounds many people in society. It is a part of life that will always be there. In the United States there are over 350,000 churches, mosques, chapels, temples, and many other houses of worship. This does not include the many week and congregations that gather in rented halls, hotel rooms or even private homes []. There are over 10,000 student religious or Bible study groups now operating in public schools (Johnson). Prayer seems to be everywhere. Approximately 10% of the American population describe themselves as Atheists, Agnostics, freethinkers, or other such appellation (Johnson). A person can fight with 90% of this country or join them. Parents cannot control drug, smoking, or alcohol abuse. They do not want the influence of these things around their children, but they are anyway. Children have to learn to fight for themselves and decide on their own. Prayer in schools is highly supported by the majority of the student body. In December 1998, students voted overwhelmingly to have student led prayer. When the votes were rejected, hundreds of students in the highly religious community held vigils and staged walkouts in protest (Education). A student athlete shares, Tu…

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