PRELIMINARY OUTLINEThe preliminary outline for this study is as follows:. What are the pros and cons for Boeing?s offshoring decisions?A. Why did Boeing decide to offshore a majority of its manufacturing?. How does offshoring benefit/detriment Boeing?. Which parts can be brought back to the United States?. How can bringing back manufacturing back to the states help Boeing?. What is the Boeing 777X?. Who will manufacture which parts for the 777X? (introduce center wing box). What is the overall cost to building the 777X?. How does the 777X expect to enter into the market?. Will American citizens be involved in building the aircraft?. What are Boeing?s Plans with the 777X?. How Boeing manufacture the center wing box be conducted and what are the Company?s options?. Why does Boeing want to offshore the center wing box to Japanese companies?. What are the advantages of having Japan complete the center wing box?. Does Boeing depend on Japan for the important airplane part anymore?. Can Boeing manufacture the center wing box in the United States?. What are the advantages of having the U.S. complete the part?. Does the U.S. have the resources (technology, labor, funds) to even complete the item?. Are there existing home subsidiaries that Boeing can advantageously put to use?. Why should Boeing Inc. bring the center wing box back to the homeland to manufacture?. If Boeing is able to relocate manufacturing back to the states, does the U.S. get more jobs? Decrease unemployment rate? Stimulate economy?. How does the cost of manufacturing overhead compare between the U.S. and Japan?. Does Boeing save time and money on manufacturing and shipping?. Is it necessary for Boeing to transfer new technologies outside the U.S.?. What is the overall benefit for Boeing and the U.S., given the possibility of returned manufacturing?. How can we evaluate the overall benefit of Boeing?. Could Boeing considers awarding less supply work in Japan in the future and bringing more jobs back to the U.S. after their loss of a $9.5 billion deal?. What are the criteria that supports offshoring or supports manufacturing on U.S. soil?. What is the best way to rationalize which manufacturing approach is most beneficial for the company?. What is the group?s verdict for Boeing?s decision?!

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