Preliminary Risk Assesment of Walgreen Co

The audit function creates several important relationships among the various One of the most significant and potentially problematic relationships is between the audit firm and the audit The decision by the audit firm to accept or retain a client is crucial because of the potential risk of being associated with certain Engagement risk is considered to be composed of three business audit and business business is with the risk of the entity not being profitable and not continuing to There could be inflated profit or operations in volatile industries that can impact an risk Most business risks will eventually have financial consequences an effect on the financial Financial trends commonly represent the most important part of business Audit firms cannot control the amount of business They can only assess it and decide whether or not to accept the Company Overview Walgreen is engaged in retailing of pharmaceutical items and general The products include prescription nonprescription beauty personal household greeting convenience seasonal photofinishing and other general It is also engaged in providing various health related Walgreens sells its merchandise through company owned retail stores and It also enables prescriptions to be filled through drugstore telephone and It also has distribution centers

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