? Prepare and write a literatu

? Prepare and write a literature review on one of the topic options (see below) up to 1500 wordsYou must submit the literature review in Microsoft word format and in accordance with the VU ?Presentation of Written Work? guidebook ensuring continuity of headings, sub-headings and fonts throughout the paper.The literature review paper is limited to 1500 (+/- 5%) words and a word count is to be provided on the last page.Necessary explanations for reference purposes and or reference detail can be provided in either Attachments or Footnotes where the word count will not apply, however brevity is important.Harvard referencing will be required ? a minimum of 8 academic references will be required. Harvard referencing is absolute and deviation from this direction will result in a fail grade. Students who opt for usage of internet references only or who do not provide the minimum of 8 academic references will not pass.Assessment marks will be awarded on the following criteria:Overall presentation of the paper ? 3Your commitment to academic process ? 6Clarity of writing and writing technique ? 6Conclusion: A synthesis of your paper ? 6Citations/References presented in Harvard format ? 4A subjective view by the lecturer on your overall understanding of the task ? 5Topics (Select 1 only topic for your assignment)Subject Option 1 ? Is Transport, either globally or nationally (Australia) a commodity?Subject Option 2 ? What is the role of Transport within the Supply Chain?Subject Option 3 ? Is transport, distribution and logistics in mainland China efficient?Category: Business, Essay Writing

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