Prepare for Tomorrow Today If everyone

Prepare for Tomorrow Today If everyone had known the importance of their future, they could have comprehended better the value of preparation in early life. A college education may have seemed out of reach for some individuals, who struggled in high school. A factory job or assembly line position was a more realistic goal to achieve. Throughout their childhood there was a dream of having a mansion, or a fancy car. Money was the center of their interests. They learned as they got older that these things were harder to accomplish than they imagined. People had to work long, tedious hours when they were young to get ahead for the future. There was the reality of a price to be paid in early life, but what they benefited later would be more than they could ever fathom. They would have to remember to work hard, and prove to others that they were a worthy people to take note of. This was only the beginning, however. They had to strive to do well in the community and in their place of employment. Even the little things that seemed insignificant made a bigger difference in later life. There were times when that nothing job they had meant something more later on. They could have never known when that past job supervisor could have been a place of reference for a job opportunity or an advancement. There should be a certain part of people that is devoted to their education. This will be something that will be noted later in college, or sometimes in the job that was so important for them to have. The studying may have been a little stressful at times, but if people had not learned to balance their schedule at a young age how would they cope as adults with a family, and occupation? It was a long hard road, however, the fruits of labor would be endless. Their education had much worth, and was the foundation of their future. …

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