“Primary Colors” is a fictional account of a pr

“Primary Colors” is a fictional account of a presidential primary campaign. The book is writen by Anonymous, who we now know is Newsweek colunmnist Joe Klein. Klein includes a disclainer saying he invented the characters and situations, but I feel that the book is about the Clintons. All the events are there. The champaign takes place in 1992. Stanton is the governor of a small Southern state. He has an authoritative wife, Suzan. He also has problems with promisuity, draft dodging, and war protest. The central charactor of the book is not Jack Stanton but the narrator Henry Burton. Former congressional aide and grandson of the famous civil rights leader, Harvey Burton. Henry tells the story of Governor Jack Stanton’s presidential campaign. Young, black and no novice to insider politics, he signs on as deputy campaign manager but rapidly becomes the Governor’s right hand man and psychological confident. Henry struggles with his role in the campaign, his responsibility to the candidate, and most disturbingly with how much he actually knows and believes in the real Jack Stanton–the man he would help become the leader of the United States of America. He also developes an odd comradeship in the manic, obsessive Richard Jemmons. The governor of a small southern state, Jack Stanton is the consummate politician. His love for the American people is palpable, but starkly contrasted with his relentless pursuit of power and his on-going sexual indiscretions. He is a master of the political system. Stanton has gone to great measures to surround himself with unwavering supporters, from his wife Susan Stanton to people he connects with along the campaign. Stanton is man who wants to be president and will let nothing, least of all his own actions, stand in his way. Susan Stanton is a skilled lawyer and experienced campaigner. She shares the Governor’s same ruthless desire but is as carefu…

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