Principles and practice of management

Principles and practice of managementLength: The total length of essay -type questions should not exceed2,000 words. Those exceeding the upper word limit will bestrictly penalized .Important noteYou must use word processing software (such as Microsoft Word) to prepare theTMAs, and submit the TMAs via the Online Learning Environment (OLE). Allassignments must be uploaded to the OLE by the due date.Failure to upload a TMA in the required format to the OLE may result in the scoreof the TMA being adjusted to zero.Question 1 (20 marks)For each of the following ten sub-questions, select the best answer. Eachcorrect answer is worth 2 marks.1 The candy market in Asia has grown recently as more Asians imitatethe American lifestyle, and Hershey has decided that to grow it muststart selling to the Asian markets. This decision was part of whichmanagement function?A planningB organizingC leadingD controlling2 The marketing manager of Interstate Bakeries was asked to meet withthe organization?s research and development department to explainwhy the company needed to change its 25 -year -old package designfor Twinkies. The marketing manager took on an interpersonal roleas:A liaisonB disseminatorC disturbance handlerD figurehead2 MGT B240 Principles and Practices of Management3 Which of the following would be a part of an organization?s specificenvironm ent?A the technology it uses to make its productB new laws controlling its product?s exportationC the economy in which it operatesD its competitors4 The __________ is the set of key values, beliefs, and attitudes sharedby organizational members.A in dustry code of ethicsB internal environmentC organizational cultureD organizational strategy5 Doug has a low-paying job for a telecommunications company. Everyday when he goes home from work, Doug puts a headset, a stapler, orsomething similar in h is lunch box and takes it with him. Doug seesnothing wrong with his behavior since he feels inadequately paid. Interms of the stages of moral development, Doug is operating at whichlevel?A post conventionalB legally mandatedC preconventionalD none of the above6 Which of the following is a recommendation for how managers canmodel and encourage ethical behavior in employees?A use resources only for company businessB handle information in a confidential and honest mannerC set reasonable rather tha n unreasonable goalsD all of the above7 The ________ perspective is that management?s social responsibilitygoes beyond making profits to include protecting and improvingsociety?s welfare.A socio-culturalB socio-economicC socio-legalD socio-politicalAssignment File 38 Neither Chile nor Peru has a mass-market caf? culture, but this facthas not stopped Starbucks from trying to determine what can be doneto make its coffee houses successful in those markets. By recognizingthat people in these two South Ame rican countries do not drinkcoffee as people in the United States do and that it needs to changethis habit, Starbucks has begun a __________ process with problemidentification.A rational decision -makingB trend analysisC satisficingD selection of o ptimal solutions9 Japanese -based Bandai, the world?s third-biggest toymaker, plans toacquire several smaller companies in an effort to knock Mattel out ofits first place in the industry. Due to _____, it will not have access toall of the information it would need to make a 100% satisfactoryselection of the toy manufacturers it needs to acquire to reach itsgoal.A bounded rationalityB satisficing standardsC resource maximization barriersD synergistic issues10 Darren Zhang of the University Career Center received word of a jobopportunity from a marketing consulting firm, and he sent the e -mailon to all marketing majors. Darren is playing a(n) __________ role.A interpersonalB technicalC informationalD liaisonQuestion 2 (20 marks)a You have studied and understood well the contingency approach tomanagement. However, your boss, who has a background inengineering, is not so convinced about the usefulness of thisapproach. How can an approach in which we say ?it depends on thesituatio n? be useful to managers? Explain. (10 marks)b Explain, with illustrations based on an organization which is familiarto you, the fourfactors in an organization?s specific environment.(10 marks)4 MGT B240 Principles and Practices of ManagementQuestion 3 (30 marks)a Social responsibility was hardly thought of in the old days. Acompany ? s most important goal was to maximize profit for itsshareholders. Today, for -profit enterprises generally make a point of? putting something back? into society as well as taking somethingout. Not everyone, however, agree with these new priorities. Identifyand explain f ive arguments in favor of social responsibility and fivearguments against social responsibility. (15 marks)b Rationality, bounded rationality and intuition are among themanagement decision-making approaches. Comment whetherintuition is a valid approach to making decisions in organizations.Why or why not? How might intuition be combined with a rationaldecision approach? ( 15 marks)Question 4 (30 marks)Read the following case and answer the questions that follow.Case: Global StumbleIt?s not always easy to do business globally, as executives atJapanese brokerage firm Nomura Holdings Inc. are discovering.Nomura acquired Lehman?s international operations in late 2008after Lehman?s parent company sought Chapter 11 bankruptcyprotection, an action that added about 8,000 non-Japaneseworkers. For Nomura, the time seemed right to strengthen itsglobal expansion strategy. However, since the acquisition,cultural and business differences between the two organizationshave been a major stumbling block. Although blending twodiverse cultures requires intentional efforts when differentorganizations merge or are acquired, it?s particularly challengingwhen the key assets in the cross -border acquisitio n are the peopleemployed by the organization being acquired.Workplace tensions arose over executive compensation, howquickly decisions were made, and how women were treated. Forinstance, during Nomura?s initial training session for new hires,the men a nd women were separated. The women ? many ofwhom had earned prestigious degrees from the likes of Harvard ?were taught how to wear their hair, serve tea, and choose theirclothing according to the season. The company?s dress code wasstrictly interpreted for women, also. Women from Lehman weretold to remove highlights from their hair, to wear sleeves noshorter than mid -bicep, and to avoid brightly colored clothing.Several women were sent home from the trading floor fordressing ?inappropriately.? One said, ? I was sent home forwearing a short-sleeve dress, even though I was wearing ajacket.? A Nomura spokesperson said, ? The dress code isdisplayed on the company?s intranet and is intended to ensurethat clients and colle agues don?t feel uncomfortable. ?Assignment File 5Lehman bankers also said they found the process for gettingapproval on deals was ? slower and more difficult than it was atLehman.? Also, at Lehman, clients were categorized, in largepart, by the fees they paid. At Nomura, more emphasis wasplaced on other factors, such as the length of the relationship. Thebankers at Nomura said that ? their new colleagues were toowilling to dump loyal clients for a quick profit. ?In its defense, Nomura has tried to blend the two cultures. Inoffices in Europe and in Asia outside of Japan, there?s a mix ofnationalities. Also, the company has promoted a handful of non-Japanese employees to high-ranking positions. ? To reduce theTokyo-centric nature of the company, Hiromi Yamaji, head ofglobal investment banking, moved to London, and NaokiMatsuba, global head of equities, moved to New York. ? UntilMarch 2010, Nomura?s executive committee was all Japanesemen. However, in an attempt to make the company more globallyoriented, an ex -Lehman executive and foreigner, Jasjit ? Jesse?Bhattal, a native of India, was promoted to the committee.Nomura?s deputy president and chief operating officer, TakumiShibata, said, ? When your business is global, management needsto be global. ?Required:a What obvious cultural differences between Nomura and Lehman doyou notice in this situation? Explain. (10 marks)b W hat global attitude do you think characterizes Nomura? Be specificin your description. Do you see any evidence of that changing?Explain. (10 marks)c Do some cultural research on Japan and the United States using theHofstede? s five dimensions of national culture. C ompare thosecultural characteristics. What similarities and differences exist? Howmight these cultural differences be affecting the situation at Nomura?(10 marks)Source of case and questions: Stephen P. Robbins and Mary Coulter (2012)Management, 11th edition, NJ: Prentice Hall, 121 .Order for a custom written PAPER now and one of our online writers will write your assignment from scratch within your deadline! Category: Essay Writing

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