Printing organs with cells (or regenerative medicine)

This is for a basis English 101 class. I?d like for it to be a solid C grade because I have to improve it later on in the course.This is my topic proposal in class: For my essay I want to write about the field of regenerative medicine. It is not a new field by any means, but it is very important in the future of healthcare. I am fascinated by the science and technology that occurs in living organism. What drew my attention to regenerative medicine was a TED-talk that Discuss (check for the help you need)ed 3d printing technology that uses cells instead of ink to print organs. Printing organs with one?s own cell would dramatically reduce the possibility of the body rejecting the new organ. The ability to print organs would also reduce people on the organ donor wait list, which staggering long. Many die people die before they get the chance to try another?s organ and even then the body may reject it. I want to research the field starting around the 1900?s and detail the scientific advancements.

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