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THE NIGERIAN HOME VIDEO A SURVEY OF THE ACTIVITIES OF VIDEO RENTALS AND THE COPYRIGHT LAW PRESENTED BY ABDULRAHMAN MALIK AT THE WEEKLY SEMINAR ORGANIZED BY THE PERFORMING AND VISUAL ARTS KWARA STATE UNIVERSITY MALETE 2013 ABSTRACT The Nigerian entertainment particularly the movie sector has been battling with the problem of copyright infringement in the last two decades or In spite the legal framework put in copyright Act 1988 and at its various to check the activities of copyright the problems The worst hit by this seemingly intractable problem is the video film production industry which is being confronted not only with the problem of piracy but also that of illegal video rental operators activities who are reaping heavily from where they did not This is at the expense of film most of whom are only striving to make ends meet in spite of the enormous efforts and they regularly put in the production of the This unfortunate situation informed this study which critically looks at the activities of video rental outlet in the context of the provisions of the copyright Act of 1990 and the subsequent 1988 amendment relating specifically to the activities of video rental The study shows

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