Problem Description: Design an

Problem Description: Design and write a VBA program that can be used by a small theater tosell tickets for performances. The theater?s auditorium has 20 rows of seats, with 30 seats in eachrow. Design a spreadsheet that shows which seats are available and which are taken (select alegend to do this, for example, you can use colors, or characters, ? x ? for taken seats, becreative!!).Design Specifications:The program solution should consider the following:? Command Button 1 to specify the performance name, seats prices for each rowin the auditorium considering 3 sections of seats, specify the sale tax, etc? Theseats charges are distribute as follows: Section 1 ? rows 1 to 10 (expensive price),Section 2 ? rows 11 to 15, is supposed to be less than section 1, and Section 3rows 16 to 20 supposed to be less than section 2 . Do an input validation ? do notaccept negative values for seats prices.? Command button 2 to execute the programThe program asks to the user to enter the row and seat number for ticketsbeing sold or the program automatically assigned the seat upon availabilitywhen the user selects the desire section for the event. If the row and seatselected by user is not available, the program can ask to the user to makeanother selection or assigned automatically the seat taking intoconsideration availability in the section selected by user. The programasks to the user quantity of seats are interested to buy in each transaction.Input Validation: When someone, requests a particular seat, the programshould make sure that seat is available before it is sold.The program display a receipt to the user for the purchase tickets (seeFigure 2)Every time a ticket or group of tickets is purchased, the program updatesthe number of seats available in each section and the number of seatstaken, and displays it on the spreadsheet (see Figure1).The program should keep a total of all tickets sales. The user should begiven an option of viewing this amount (see Figure 3).The program should also give the user an option to see a list of how manyseats have been sold, how many seats are available in each row, and howmany seats are available in the entire auditorium (see Figure 1).? Command Button 3 to clear an event (eliminate prices, all seats are availableagain! for a future performance).? You can design a GUI in combination with a spreadsheet to displays seats in theauditorium or just working in the spreadsheets. Use your imagination! Becreative!IMPORTANT: It is a requirement to use Selection/Repetitions Structures and Function aspart of your project solution.An example of a Theater Auditorium Design:Figure 1: ?Sheet 1 ? Theater Auditorium?Figure 2 : ?Sheet 2 ? Receipt?Figure 3: ? Sheet 3 ? Purchase Tickets History for an specific Event ?

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