problematic behaviour

problematic behaviour Design a program of intervention to help a student included in your class who has challenging behaviours.? Describe the problematic behaviour. ? Explain how the behaviour functions for the student, that is, what do you hypothesise is the purpose of the behaviour. What elements in the student?s experience and current educational and domestic circumstances appear to prevent him/her using more socially appropriate behaviour. ? List, describe, and prioritise behaviour(s) of concern.What do you think causes the behaviour? Construct a tentative hypothesis about how the behaviour ?functions? for the student. This is very likely to evolve as you collect assessment information and collaborate with colleagues ? be very careful that your biases do not cloud your vision at this point. Never make a definitive decision; your hypotheses are always ?work in progress?. ? When do these behaviours occur? ? How often do these behaviours occur? ? Is there any circumstance under which the behaviour does not occur? ? Is there any circumstance under which the behaviour always occurs? ? Does the behaviour occur more often during certain times of the day? ? Does the behaviour occur in response to the number of people present? ? Does the behaviour occur only with certain people? ? Does the behaviour occur only during certain subjects? ? Could the behaviour be related to any skill deficits? What observable events signal that the behaviour is about to occur?Part 2 ? Approximately 500 words ? From a teaching perspective, describe how you would address the problem by designing a classroom or school-yard based intervention. Part 3 ? Approximately 500 words ? Evaluate the likely success/non-success of your intervention. ? Consider your criteria for evaluation WRITING YOUR ASSIGNMENT Set your assignment up appropriately as a report. A report should contain: If you are still unsure of how to write a report there are numerous exemplars on the net. One example can be obtained from the site: This site explains the difference between essays and reports and also allows you to click on various sections e.g. table of contents, for more details and examples. Key Concepts to include regarding Process for the FBA with the intervention planThe context ? Identified and discusses the key issues and presented an in-depth description of the problematic behaviour. ? Insightful, concise, and factual data referred to in report and evidenced in the appendix. ? Presented a very concise and informative overview of the extent to which this behaviour impacts on the learning & teaching environment including the focus student, the rest of the class and the teacher. ? In-depthlyassessed the available student information, contextual data and observation notes, presents an informed hypothesis of the purpose of this behaviour for the focus student. ? Maintained a very objective / unbiased approach whendescribing the case and the behaviour. ? Identified and discussed the key factors that appear to either trigger (escalate) or reduce the behaviour?s frequency and intensity.GATHER DATA Observe the student in multiple contexts, over time; collect data like number of referral or suspensions for what type of behaviour, (Scatter plot graph, collect ABC data); interview student, teacher, parents / caregivers, specialist teachers (e.g. G.O, music, P.E., LST)INVOLVE STAKEHOLDERS throughout the process. Meet and discuss concerns, plans, interventions, consequences and progress ? Effective collaboration has the following features: ? Effective Collaborative Consultation ? The collaborative consultative process includes gathering information about the students from a range of sources. ? Effective communication skills involve ? Group diversity ? experience and expertise must be carefully considered Factors impacting the behaviour: How do we identify the function of a behaviour? What are the triggers, frequency, duration of behaviour and what reduces inappropriate behaviour? The Intervention PlanPresented and described a well developed trial intervention program to distinctly address the behavioural concerns.Discussed and described in detail key elements of the plan and how the student was supported to meet their needs in a socially and educationally appropriate way.Explicitly identified key resources, forms of evaluation, and steps for implementation.Clearly identified key strategies to reinforce appropriate behaviour.Clearly identified key strategies to prevent inappropriate behaviour DETERMINE THE TYPE OF INTERVENTION ? In designing an intervention plan to address the students? behaviour, you should match the function of his/her behaviour. The intervention should, in part at least, allow the student to achieve the same function as he/she currently achieves through challenging behaviour. Your intervention plan should also include what will happen if / when challenging behaviour does occur.? Which type of Plan? (chapter 6) Selecting and implementing function based interventions. SELECT THE INTERVENTION STRATEGIES (chapter 6)Interventions related to function ? chapters 7 and 8 (see my word document for revision of What are functional behaviours? ? Selecting Intervention strategies What is a positive reinforcer? Define contingent reinforcement Define non-contingent reinforcement How is response strength of a reinforcer assessed? What is differential reinforcement? What are natural reinforcers? Select and Teach Functional Target Behaviours IMPLEMENT THE STRATEGIESINVOLVE STAKEHOLDERS throughout the process. Meet and discuss concerns, plans, interventions, consequences and progress. Communication and Collaboration What strategies promote generalisation and maintenance? What about employing a sequential modification? Plan to Evaluate the Intervention? Clearly and in-depthlypresented a method of self evaluation. ? Presented a clear evaluation of the key elements for likely success of the intervention. ? Presented a clear discussion of the possible barriers to the intervention?s success.What needs to be evaluated and who needs to be involved? What is your criteria for evaluation? E.G. ? How is response strength of a reinforcer assessed? ? How well did your selected strategies promote generalisation and maintenance? ? Reflect upon Potential Blockers and Enablers IMPLEMENT CHANGES AS NEEDED AND CONTINUE TO EVALUATE, improving the plan Consider: Why, who, when and what E.g. When would you plan do this? Why would you plan to do this? How often would you plan to do this?:

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