Problems of History as an Academic Discipline

INTRODUCTION The problem historian faces overtime in the writing of history contemporary or ancient has been a very great challenge to the study of history As a result of all the issues that arose base on the challenges students faced when conducting historical different scholars have decided to write about the problem or challenges history is facing as an academic When viewed from one side one can conclude that history cannot be regarded as an academic this can be said when one start considering the likes of moonlight stories among Then on the other side one can also conclude that history cannot be separated or studied without being an academic this has to do with a student purposely in school to study the past and also has to embark on historical But this paper will only limit itself to history as an academic discipline which is very important to our Some scholars have criticized and condemned the study of history or history as an academic for instance the likes of Elton who condemned the study of history to a low level intellectual activity that encourages mere regurgitation of places and Elton future is the present Only the dead and bears

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