Procurement Management.

Procurement Management.Assignment 3Assignment Three requires you to complete a reflective learning journal. Each topic inProcurement Management 642 has additional reading material, which are articles fromjournals. The journals you require are all on eReserve identified by my name and theunit title: Procurement Management 642Assignment DetailsYou must select TWO (2) journals from these readings, which will form the basis for yourreflective learning journal writing. For EACH of your selected two articles:DESCRIPTION ? Briefly describe an issue/concept/situation/incident within the article(referred to hereafter as the ?event?). The event can be a single particular part or overalltheme of the articleANALYSIS ? Critically analyze the event e.g., Connections between event and reality ofexperiences or observations from your personal or professional world; what isimportant and why; Potential applications of the reading material to your own life.LEARNING ? e.g. what have you learnt from reflecting upon your analysis? What did youlearn about the event and yourself? How can you use what you have learnt? Do youneed t o c h a n g e a t t i t u d es , behav i or , pr oc es s es , v a l ues , e t c .? What!

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