Productive Learning in Diverse Classrooms

Paper instructions:TaskComplete the 3 minor essay questions below by referring to the research you have done that isrelevant to this topic along with the additional readings and set text where appropriate. As the essay isonly 1500 words you will need to answer the questions succinctly while still demonstrating you havedone the appropriate reading and Module tasks. You will need to present a cogent argumentexpressed in fluent English and accurately reference using the APA style. Cite all the sources youhave used at the end of each question; and, send your assignment in on time via Learnline.Essay Questions:1. In Module 2 you created a list of factors that could exclude children and young people fromparticipating in educational settings. Select 1 of these that interests you eg. children andyoung people in foster care.a. What are the current ways that this type of exclusion could be dealt with in schools?Mention the types of pedagogies that could be employed (see your set texts); the policiesin place (check the policy lists for the education department in your state or country). Ifthere is nothing related to your chosen exclusion, discuss what should be available in eacharea. (750 words)2. Select one strategy OR one policy and briefly analyse how it (the strategy or policy) mightpromote inclusion for the exclusionary factor you have chosen. (250 words)3. For the factor of exclusion you have chosen, briefly describe how an iPad might be used tohelp include children and young people in their educational settings. You will need to:a. Research the iPad?s capabilities in relation to your chosen ?exclusion?. In a few sentencesname and describe 2 capabilities.b. Research the apps available for the iPad. In a few sentences, name and describe 3 apps.c. Explain how these apps might be useful in overcoming you particular ?exclusion? in aclassroom/service/centre. (500 words)!

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