Professional Position Paper-The Role of the Nurse in Postpartum Mood

Professional Position Paper-The Role of the Nurse in Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorders The following criteria will be used to evaluate this analysis: The student:__ / 10 pts: introduced the position and purpose complete and logical manner__/10 pts: Discussed why the position topic is significant and relevant to patient care and/or nursing practice.__/20 pts: Discussed how the position paper was formulated and what, if any, impact the position has had on professional practice (can use outside references here)__/40 pts: Discussed personal and professional views related to the position statement and what, if any, improvements are needed to enhance this position or to make the position more relevant to current practice/health care__/10 pts: conclusion clearly summarized relevant points of paper; provided adequate closure to topic__/ 5 pts: submitted a 4-5 page typed paper (not including title page or reference pages) that is neat with no major spelling errors (1 inch margins; double spaced). No abstract is needed.__/ 5 pts: strictly adhered to APA guidelines, including a complete reference list with < 2 minor errors evident (e.g., incorrect punctuation in citation):

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