Professional Practices

Professional PracticesPlanners may be cast as leaders, advocates, advisors or negotiators among other roles. They may work for planning authorities, other government agencies, the private sector, or in civil society. Further, most planners will work in collaboration with others from all of these sectors during their careers. Thus a planning professional needs to have a keen understanding of institutional settings, of his or her role in the agency, and also of the perspectives of various other professionals. Moreover, since the everyday work of planning is so closely related with the for-profit sectors, and because decision-making requires trade-offs between the interests of various groups, planners also need to know and imbibe the values espoused by the professional code of ethics for the profession. This course will deal with all of these issues, and also with the challenges in the day-to-day working life of plannersdialects? Why, on the other hand, the Boston "Brahmins?" English is not so stigmatized (as far as we can tell), even though it is quite distinct from American Standard English, especially in its phonology?Keep your answer under one standard page in length (point 12 font, double-spaced).

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