Program evaluation /social research

I have posted the raw data for the PE assignment on Blackboard. It is in the form of a spreadsheet in whichseveral de-identified students practicum 1 and 2 midterm and final scores are recorded. There are three scoresfor each of 14 objectives (this was the way we did it back then) except for the final objective which has onlytwo scores. Next to your name will be either a I or a II indicating whether you will be evaluating practicum 1 or2 for your selected students. The next number identifies which student data you will use in your PE. The PEshould consist of these components: project identification, methodology, data collection, analysis of data, andof course use APA style. It is also a good idea to include an appendix at the end with all your data in it. Thatsaves you having to spell it out in the text. Don?t forget to check you manual about how to put in appendices andrefer to them in your text.In the project identification tell what you are doing; what are your goals, why? etc. You can also put somebackground as to the type of PE that you have selected and fit it to your goal. The Methodology section is whereyou need to describe in detail what steps you will be doing for your selected type of PE. These two sections willrequire some citations. Data collection is where you describe everything you can about how the data werecollected: when, from whom, how it was scored and by whom, etc. In your case you will not be able to answer allof these questions but tell as much as you can about it. The analysis of the data is where you describe exactlyhow you compared the data to reach a conclusion. Talk about the steps you took to get numbers to compare and whatthe comparisons mean. If there are problems, talk about them.This is the Praticum Im evaualting which is I and the objectives is 8,11,16(Yolanda I ? 8, 11, 16

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