Project Report: Assume that the organization you work for wants to geographically diversify internationally to Saudi Arabia, opening a subsidiary there Custom Essay

Project Report: Assume that the organization you work for wants to geographically diversify internationally to Saudi Arabia, opening a subsidiary there.Your supervisor will be sent there to manage the local human resource. Hence you have to submit a project report to your supervisor explaining the maindifferences in culture and organizational behavior environment and techniques between United States and the country you have chosen to research.Project Report:The report will focus on understanding the significance of the topic in getting better organizational performance from people, and how these concepts canand are being applied in the field.You will have to go through at least 10 readings outside your text, related to this topic, understand them, make notes, and critically examine thesearticles.Make sure you quote all references that you use.The project report format will be usual standard academic journal APA format . Maximum 10 double spacedfont 11 Times New Roman. (Including bibliography, which should include at least 10 other references besides textbook( Organizational Behavior by FredLuthans))The report format will look like this: (Variations accepted as this may not cover everything)Introduction:What is the main idea of the report? (How to manage people in the particular country?) Why is it important? How does this topic relate to improvingproductivity and performance of employees.Main Content:-What different cultural dimensions will you encounter?-What differences in daily life exist there that will affect your dealing with the local employees?-What are the common etiquettes and business practices?-How will you motivate the lower level staff?-What leadership styles will be most useful to use?-Any special HR considerations that you will have to make? (labor market conditions, government issues, laws, taxes etc.)-What adjustments will you have to make in your own behavior to manage the people there?? Critical examination of these concepts. What are the limitations.Applications:Give 3-4 case studies that are good examples of these concepts being used. Examples of companies in that country and how successful are they? You canincorporate these in the content area as you Discuss (check for the help you need) the different concepts. What concepts are applicable but not utilized by the organizations often. Why?How can they possibly apply these and give examples of organizations that do use these. (when giving examples, mention how, not just names of thecompanies.)Conclusion:How good and reliable are the organizational dynamics theory in this country?s context? Can it be furthered researched by other people? What areas?

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