Project ReportA template repor

Project ReportA template report file can be found in the course shell: mnmprojectreport.doc. Before your write your report, watch the video titled ?mnmunwrapped.wmv? located in the course shell. It is a 3:30-minute video segment from the TV show ?Unwrapped,? showing many parts of the production process, which might give you some ideas. Ignore the color percentages quoted in the segment.Imagine you are a quality control manager at the Masterfoods plant. Write a two to three (2?3) page report on all the parts of the project. Structure your paper using the following headers:o Introduction: Purpose of Reporto Project Part 1: Sampling Methodo Project Part 2: Method, Analysis, Resultso Project Part 3: Method, Analysis, Resultso Project Part 4: Method, Analysis, Resultso Project Part 5: Method, Analysis, Resultso Quality Control: Assume that at least one of the tests from Part 4 was rejected (proportion not equal to targeted amount set by Masterfoods). Discuss (check for the help you need) how you would investigate the operations of the plant to determine why the proportions were off the targeted values. Speculate on three or more possible conditions in plant and bagging process that could have caused the observed results.o ConclusionYou should explain what was done as well as the results. Tables can be used to present results and information. Your audience is a supervisor or manager who is unfamiliar with this project and may or may not be familiar with statistical terms. As a result, you will either need to explain/define statistical terms or write them in a way that a layman can understand.You will be graded on the following criteria:1. Present the methods, analysis, and results for the five parts of the project. See above Project Parts 1 through 5.2. Explain how to investigate unexpected results (failed test(s) in Part 4) and speculate on at least three plausible causes for the observed results.!

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