Promoting a Healthy Environment for Children

Collate evidence which describes the role of the practitioner in working towards a health lifestyle and environment for children The role of a practitioner is To be able to promote children a healthy life style and environment there are number of aspects that need to be met such Routines Circle time Posters around the school example posters that promote healthy eating and Environment Indoor and outdoor activities Because children are growing it is important they have regular snack times as they need calories and nutrients for them to be Good nutrition is key to your development and whether their toddler or a Providing children with healthy snacks can provide them with nutrition they it is important for children to eat at least every four having scheduled snack times can help them feel energized and In my setting for children get to have a snack time during their break which would regularly be and a piece of fruit or The would change everyday for example if one day they get apples the other day they would eat carrots which are healthy for the Other ways of promoting children to have healthy life style would be by having posters around the school

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