Protection of human rights

Follow the steps below:1.Go through the suggested topics carefully and select the one that interests you most. You are recommended to do some background reading before you make the final choice and narrow it down.2.Formulate a thesis statement [a clear statement of the position you will be taking in your essay] that will present your argument and opinion. This MUST be approved by your EAP tutor BEFORE you proceed with writing your essay.3.When the statement is written and approved you need to start your research on the topic to explore the area in depth. After researching both printed and online sources choose at least four appropriate ones. Your sources should include the following:?one or two printed sources that will be selected from the Learning Resource Centre;?one or two online sources that will be selected from the required list (Intranet);?one or two printed/online sources that you will have to find by yourself for further approval of your EAP tutor.4.Produce a draft essay. Support your position with evidence from your research.5.Your tutor will provide you with feedback. Therefore, you should try to produce all the tasks in the time stipulated below.1.Selecting a topic and doing background reading2.Writing a thesis statement3.Planning your essay4.Researching and writing a draft version5.Submitting the draft essay6.Receiving feedback from the tutor7.Proofreading and editing8.Submitting your essay6.Include both direct and indirect quotations.7.Photocopy and attach the pages with the information you used for direct and indirect quotations. Highlight the statements in the copies of the sources you used.8.Write a reference list (using the Harvard referencing system) on a separate page.9.Submit the draft essay (the outline, the essay, the reference list) and copies of the sources used in the essay in A-4 plastic envelope to your EAP tutor by 23 June 2014 (17:00).10.When the draft is returned, read the feedback carefully.11.Make necessary improvements based on the tutor?s feedback and correct language inaccuracies in the draft essay.12.Use the following format: Font: Times New Roman 12, Line spacing: 1.5. Number your pages. Put your ID number on every page (follow the template to be posted).13.Put together and staple the standard cover page, the criteria, the outline, the essay, the reference list, and copies of the sources used in the essay. Attach the draft (the outline, the essay, the reference list) and the tutor?s feedback.

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