Psychological Effects of Technology Addiction

PSYCHOLOGICAL EFFECTS OF TECHNOLOGY ADDICTION Technology is taking over all aspects of work and leisure are all becoming increasingly dependent on being able to interact with But what of the academic or career prospects of those who do not want to interact with this Before taking this English 305 I tried to avoid computers as much as I didnt have any interest in cyberspace such as and gender Through this I had a chance to contact others through I still have a fear of I decided that I want to know more about computers and I will first discuss then I will discuss about Its well known that people say and do things in cyberspace that they wouldnt ordinarily say or do in the The virtual world is quite different from the real People cant see a person in People cant see a persons facial expressions and body The sensory experience of encountering others in and combining seeing and hearing is For the most people communicate through typed In people will probably never be able to physically interact with each There are no pats on the or The limited sensory experiences of cyberspace have some significant as well as some

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