Psychology the National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP)

Freely utilize outside sources, summarize in your own words and cite accordingly, but be mindful of excessive direct quotes.It has been determined that U.S. homeland security efforts depend greatly on the private sector and its ability to carry out various roles in a collaborative manner. This issue is highlighted within the National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP), specifically in regards to the management of risk. Therefore, for this assignment, you are to take the following steps to gain an up and close perspective concerning this effort and then provide the requested information:Student ID: 4479076Password: Jacano23Choose one of the critical infrastructure sectors you have an interest in. a threat/hazard from the Strategic National Risk Assessment (pages 2-3) to focus upon. the Risk Management Framework and the steps that make it up (pages 15-20 of the NIPP) What is the function of each step within this Framework, which collectively will aid in ensuring that essential services continue in the midst of the proposed threat/hazard in your chosen sector? Consider and share the actions, assistance, and resources needed to carry out these steps.! :

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