PsychologyProject descriptionT

PsychologyProject descriptionThis is a lab report based on a questionnaire study on grit. The assignment will be uploaded. Please read p.12-19 of the document and follow the structure of it. Moreover, some of the data-set must be displayed in SPSS, please tell me if you dont have the software.This is the link of the questionnaire: this assignment is about??????????..??????????..??????..2Preamble??????????..??????????..??????????..??????????..???????2Task overview??????????..??????????..??????????..??????????..????3SECTION 2?What you have to do??????????..??????????..??????????..??.4What are the aims of this assignment???????????..??????????..??????????4How do I establish the validity of my new scale???????????..??????????..????4How do I determine the reliability of my new scale???????????..??????????..??5How do I evaluate the quality of individual items in my new scale???????????..???.5Calculating Item Discrimination Indices in SPSS (this is not covered in the SPSS videolecture but your tutor will demonstrate this inthe Week 7 tutorial):??????????..??6Your ?to do? list?follow these steps??????????..??????????..??????????..?9SECTION 3?How you should write the report??????????..??????????..?????12Warning against plagiarism and collusion??????????..??????????..???????.12General information??????????..??????????..??????????..??????????.12Abstract??????????..??????????..??????????..??????????..?????..14Introduction??????????..??????????..??????????..??????????..???.14Method??????????..??????????..??????????..??????????..??????.15Results??????????..??????????..??????????..??????????..??????.17Discussion??????????..??????????..??????????..??????????..????18References??????????..??????????..??????????..??????????..????19What should the report actually look like???????????..??????????..???????.20Frequently asked questions??????????..??????????..??????????..?????.22How many references should I read???????????..??????????..?????????.22How many marks do I loseif I hand in my work late without an extension????????22How do I apply for an extension???????????..??????????..??????????..?22What do I do if I think my assignment has been unfairly marked???????????..??.22Specific information about Grit??????????..??????????..??????????..???..232SECTION 1?What this assignment is aboutPreambleFor this assignment, we want you to imagine that you are a human measurement consultantand that you have been recruited to help develop a new humanpersonalitymeasure. Yourreputation is of such a bloated magnitude that your employers were wretchedly grateful that youcondescended to assist them, despite the huge fee that you insisted on.Your employers have hired a large team of behavioural scientists (i.e.,everyone currentlyenrolled in PSYC3020) to develop a database of humanpersonalitymeasures.You will beworking as part of a group of other scientists (your tutorial group) to develop just one of thesemeasures.Your task is to focus solely on measuring this onepersonalitytrait, while othergroups will develop measures for the other traits. Onceeach group has finished preparing theirmeasures, all the measures will be combined into one large questionnaire. We will thenaskeveryone enrolled in PSYC3020to complete this questionnaire so that you can collectdataforyour measure.You are then requested to analyse the data from your measure.You only need to look at theresults for your measure, not the entire questionnaire?the other scientists will take care of theirrespective measures.Finally, you will be required to write a report evaluating whether your measure was effective. Ifyou determine that the measure is valid and reliable, then your employer will be able to use it infuture work and your job will have been completed successfully. If your measure turns out notto be reliable orvalid, then it?s not a problem. In this case, you are required to provide yourexpert and informed opinion as to why you think this happened, so that it can be addressed infuture iterations of your measure (for which you will be able to charge extra).Best of luck on your task. Remember?each tutorial group has a facilitator (the tutor) to guidethem through this development process.Pleaseask them forhelp if you need it.3Task overview?You are going to design a measure to test a humanpersonalitytrait.?Each of the tutorial groups has been assigned onepersonalitytrait to test.?Each group willdevise a brief (10?12item) self?reportscaleto measure their trait.?Allscaleswill be compiled into one giant questionnaire that will be completed online byeveryone in the course.?Each tutorial group will also choose some establishedpersonalitytraitscales and othervariables to use asvalidating variableswhich will also be compiled into the overallquestionnaire(up to 15 items can beused for this).?You will use SPSS to analyse theperformanceof your ownscalein the tutorials. You willthen write up your findings as an empirical report.?Wewill be providing some background information on thepersonalitytrait for your tutorial,alongwith some startingreferences, later in the handout.?Your newscalemay be inspired by previous attempts in the literature but must contain alloriginal items and must have some sort of advantage over (or conceptual difference to) theprevious attempts.Advantages could include that yourscaleis shorter, or longer(potentially greater reliability), or is more appropriate for an Australian populationcompared with previousscales.?Here?s a diagram of the process of designing a measure(presented in Lectures 1 and 5):2. Create thematerialsneeded1. Decidewhatyou?re going tomeasure,whyyouwant to measure it,andhowyou?regoing to measure it3. Design and runstudies to assess thevalidity, reliability,standardisation, anditem quality.4. If it all works,consider improvingyour measure usingthe data from youritem analyses.5. Release your newmeasure into the wildand watch it run free,improving the worldforever.!

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