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public healthOrder DescriptionMeasles is a highly infectious viral disease that primarily affects young children, causing febrile illness with a distinctive rash. Following infection, long-lasting immunity typically develops but in settings such as parts of Africa, there is a high mortality burden. Measles can also be prevented by use of live attenuated vaccine, which provides long-lasting protection against infection. Due to the effective vaccine providing herd immunity, measles is a current target of worldwide eradication programs. In this week?s forum the aim is Discuss (check for the help you need) measles surveillance and outbreaks at both national and international levels and consider the focus on eradication.What methods are currently used in Australia to monitor the incidence and prevalence of measles and who is involved (people, organisations)?2 ? How has measles prevalence changed over time in Australia?3 ? What sort of surveillance strategy is needed for measles in a country with low incidence like Australia?

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