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Purchasing or Subscribing to Computer Services Adam Kamin Mr. Oberman Consumer Education Hour 4 11/20/99 In today’s global society full of computers, the need for computers is defiantly greater than it was 10 years ago. The consistent and constant need for these machines resulted in the reformation of the worlds economy. In fact, the need for computers may have built an entire new economy. With new technology, comes more technology that is new. An example could be the popularization of the personal computer. This was then followed by great amounts of hardware and software. Somewhere later down the line an idea called the Internet was founded. This amazing discovery had the ability to join the whole world by the means of a seven-digit number. In order for this new idea to take effect, it must be offered and proposed to desired clients. The desired clients are every living man and women on the face of the earth. This information just opened the eyes of thousands of people. People ranging from an average Joe on the street to the C.E.O.s of many of todays most popular and growing businesses. Internet providers are in and are here to stay for a long while. I have seen more than one hundred different Internet providers myself. The different types range depending on the class that they are in. An Internet provider is needed in order to log on to the Internet. This is the number that you will call to hook on to the Internet. Some of the most popular Internet providers are seen advertising on television or are heard on the radio. These advertisements can be misleading. In order to log on to the Internet you will need a computer, a telephone line and a few other components. Just a regular computer for typing won’t do. A computer with a modem is needed, the speed of the modem is also important. Modems are classes by speed ranging from the bare minimum of 9600 bps all…

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