Purchasing Question 1: -There are a lot of instructions you have to follow to answer question 1: -The word count is to be in the region of 1500 words for all questions 1.-First of all, you have to write a short introduction about what you are going to write in(a,b and c). ( just in 2 Lines) (a) How can a supply base be assessed? (50 Marks)Part (a) includes the following points:*Definition of supply base. Create the answer (it has to be from your opinion which mix between what you read from different journals or books, your experience and your knowledge) there is no specific answer in the books and journals and you can?t find that in any sources.(as my lecturer said).* Assessment of supply base is not the same as supplier assessment.* Assessment can take place at three levels (operational, tactical and strategic). This point doesn?t have right or wrong answer it is analyzing your opinion (thinking and analyzing).* Give Examples of the issue in supply base assessment for the industry sector in which the company (Micheline tyres) operates. This point means examples from industry sector, not the specific company.(b) For an organization that operates on an international scale and whose supply chain is global, discuss the challenges of supply base management.(30 Marks) This is a general question so the answer has to be general.(c) What role, if any, should environment, ethics and CSR (corporate social responsibility) play in the assessment process? (20 Marks) Your opinion but back it up with reasons (the most important reasons for your opinion) Finally, short conclusion (summarize) in just 2 lines.Question 2: -There are a lot of instructions you have to follow to answer question 2: -The word count is to be in the region of 1500 words for all question 2-First of all, you have to write a short introduction about what you are going to write in the (a,b and c). (2 Lines)(a) How does purchasing contribute to creating and managing supply chain risk? (70 Marks) To answer this part the activity of purchasing include both creation and managing risk. (This is a general question). It?s so important to answer this question in a perfect way because it will get the highest mark in question 2.(b) Using the company (Michelin tyres) describe how purchasing contributes to reducing risks. (20 Marks) Research and think about your company (Michelin tyres) before answering part (B)(c) Construct an appropriate commodity hedge for the company, using exchange quoted prices (indicate date, time and exchange for all prices). ( 10 Marks) Requires you to demonstrate that you understand hedging. Hint use historical prices and demonstrate the outcome. (Answer this point in 4 lines) Finally, short conclusion (summarize) in just 2 lines.General advice from my lecturer: ? Answer the question as it shows (exactly as it) not what you want to answer. ? Read, research, think then write. ? Write logically, back up your points. ? Cite and reference all sources. ? Identify all direct gouts. ? Use your own words. ? Proof read and correct before submitting. ? Notes: ? Put a table of contents. ? Put heading for each part in each question. ? It is an important to cite any information or quotation and reference them in bibliography. ? Make Use of appropriate references to the module manual, company reports and any other source which will be appropriate. (16 references for both questions from internet, academic journals and books) should be online because I need to print them out and read them. ? Make sure that each question has to be 1500 words that means the total of 2 questions will be from 3000 words without the bibliography. ? Make sure to use Harvard system in the bibliography. ? You can use the attached references ( as the lecturer advise):

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