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Introduction Qantas Airlines initially known as Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited (QANTAS) was founded by two former war pilots Wilmot Hudson Fysh and Paul McGinness in 1920 at Queensland Australia. Qantas is the flag carrier airline for Australia and it is the second oldest airlines in the world. Qantas Airlines headquarters is located in Mascot Sydney New South Wales with its major hub at Sydney Airport. The airline began with joy flights in 1920 and by 1922 they carried 871 passengers and logged 54000 km without severe damage. It also began its airmail service betweenQantas Airlines Charleville and Cloncurry which was their first ever to be scheduled in 1922. In 1935 Qantas operated its first international flight which was a regular four-day trip from Brisbane to Singapore. It has now become Australia?s largest domestic and international airlines with much development. Qantas started advertising via television. It was a television campaign which started in 1967 through a few decades with it targeting American citizens. The ad was a huge success as it was named as one of the greatest commercial of all times. The airlines also promoted its brand by sponsoring a handful of sports team. Qantas is the principal contributor of the Qantas Wallabies? Australia?s national Union Rugby team and the Formula One Australian Grand Prix. It also sponsors the Australian?s national association football team Socceroos and recently made a deal with Cricket Australia to be the main backer of the Australian national cricket team. Qantas had become so significant that the government bought over it back in 1947 which is a year after the Australian Airlines was formed. Unfortunately Australian Airlines had a major issue which led to Qantas being sold. Qantas was then privatised and since then it has continued to mature despite fighting financial crisis and global turndown for aviation. To regain profit Qantas have produce subsidiaries such as Jetstar Airways which is Qantas? low-cost carrier. CEO Alan Joyce was pleased to announce Qantas? best profit ($250 mil.) since the global financial crisis in 2011 even though the airlines and the aviation suffered from some challenges. Despite everything it is undeniable that Qantas is regarded as the world?s leading long distance airline and one of the strongest brands in Australia.”

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