Quantitative Research Methods (Marketing)

Quantitative Research Methods (Marketing)Examining Perceived Restaurant Image ? Remington?s Steak House About three years ago, John Doe opened Remington?s Steak House, a retail theme restaurant located in a large Midwestern city. John?s vision was to position his restaurant as a unique, theme-oriented specialty restaurant. The plan was for the restaurant to have an excellent reputation for offering a wide assortment of high quality yet competitively prices entrees, excellent service, and knowledgeable employees who understand customers? needs. The overriding goal was to place heavy emphasis on satisfying customers. John used his vision to guide the development and implementation of his restaurant?s positioning and marketing strategies. Although John knew how to deliver dining experience, he did not know much about developing, implementing, and assessing marketing strategies. Recently, John began asking himself some fundamental questions about his restaurant?s operations and the business future. John expressed his concerns to an account representative at a local marketing research firm and, as a result, decided to do some research to better understand customers? attitudes and feelings toward Remington?s Steak House. To address John?s questions, the account representative recommended completing an image survey using an Internet panel approach. Initial contact was made with potential respondents using a random digit dialing telephone survey to screen for individuals who were patrons of Remington?s Steak House as well as customers of competitors? restaurants (including his three main competitors, Outback Steakhouse and Longhorn Steak House) within the market area. Respondents must also have a minimum annual household income of $20,000, and be familiar with enough with one of the three restaurants. If an individual was qualified for the study based on the screening questions, they were directed to a website where they completed the survey. Because this was the first time John has conducted any marketing research, the consultant suggested an exploratory approach and recommended a small sample size of 200. She said that if the results of the initial 200 surveys were helpful, the sample size could be increased so that the findings would be more precise. The questionnaire included questions about the importance ofvarious reasons in choosing a restaurant, perceptions of the images of the three restaurants on the same factors, and selected classification information on the respondents. Required Analyse the data (see attached SPSS file Remington_Steak_House.sav) using appropriate statistical techniques. Prepare a report of your findings addressing the following questions: 1. What are the main factors influencing customers? choice of restaurant, and what is the relative importance of each of these factors? 2. What image do customers have of Remington?s and its two major competitors? 3. Is Remington?s providing quality and satisfaction to its customers? 4. Do any of Remington?s current marketing strategies need to be changed? 5. Compared to the completion, what new marketing strategies would you suggest Remington?s?:

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