Racial Profiling and Male African Americans

The attacks of September 2001 were a tragic day in the history of the United Law enforcement efforts after these attacks have been construed by many as racial because they focus on Muslims of Arab and South Asian male African Americans have experienced this racial profiling for Defining racial profiling and discussing its impact on America will show that even in the smallest of towns this is a common practice that is just not going We will be discussing racial profiling and the African American begin with explaining that racial profiling is not limited to one but all races experience this practice through law the medical field and in their Racial profiling is nothing new here or anywhere else it is just a new name for harassment of a specific race or Cities all across America have seen cases against different races that have resulted in the loss of some very Racial profiling can be found in the medical or health the educational system and is very apparent in law Immediately after September 11th when travelers were allowed to begin boarding several instances were reported through the media of racial discrimination or profiling of Many of these searches have turned

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