Rating systems and V-chip

Rating systems and V-chipThe final paper should be a critical analysis of a specific topic, genre, theme or any issue related to television production and or broadcasting involving current programming, trends, and topics. A partial list of possible ideas follows:FCC Rating systems and V-chip Technology (Podcasting, web blogging, dedicated websites) Watchdog groups TV networks and corporate ownership Edutainment Entertainment News Reality TV?s impact on writers, agents and actors The cult of celebrity Genre specific issues Trends in programming Parody (YouTube versions) Audience research practices Marketing/Advertising Media power players Ethnicity & Race issues Gender and/or sexuality Social and/or cultural issuesConsidering the vast number of television offerings and related subjects, you may find yourself overwhelmed with choices. I can help you narrow your search, focus your position and work towards a better-argued paper.This paper should not be a report; it should act as critical inquiry into a specific area with a particular point of view, much like the authors we will read this quarter. As we go through our coursework ideas will begin to come to you. The possibilities are endless!The final paper is 5-7 pages in length, but can be longer if need be. Five is the minimum, however. All evidence must be properly cited in-text and on the reference page. We will practice this during the term so that everyone understands proper citation.The presentation allows you to share your research. Presentations are 7-9 minutes in length. Your presentation should include: a short clip (less than 3 minutes), a brief overview of your topic including your thesis and main evidence points, and how this class helped you to become a critical television viewer.:

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